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NHS Treatment

NHS Treatment

NHS treatment requires a referral from your own dentist and is available for eligible patients under the age of 18.

The NHS has strict guidelines as to who is eligible for treatment and funding is directed to those who are viewed as having the greatest need for treatment. In addition, there is a limit on the number of children who can be treated each year, which may result in your child being placed on a waiting list. NHS orthodontic treatment usually involves wearing fixed metal braces on the front of the teeth. This may be supplemented with removable plastic and functional braces. Following active treatment, removable retainers are worn to hold the teeth in their new position.

Whilst NHS orthodontic treatment is free, charges may be applied for repair or replacement of lost or damaged braces or retainers.

If your child does not qualify for treatment under the NHS, or you do not want your child to wait for NHS treatment, don’t despair - there are a variety of affordable options available. We can offer a greater choice of braces privately.

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