Treatment Price Guide

Initial Consultation £130

This includes a full facial and dental assessment where we will collect all the information required to provide you with a personalised treatment plan.

Below is a guide to our fees which vary depending on the type of brace chosen. Please note that all patients will be given a written quotation in advance of starting any treatment and all quotations will be fully inclusive of the cost of the appliance, all of your adjustment appointments and any retainers necessary at the end of treatment.

We will also review your retainers free of charge up to 1 year following the removal of your brace.



Metal 1 Arch


Metal 2 Arch


Upper Ceramic / Lower Metal


Ceramic 1 Arch


Ceramic 2 Arch


Invisalign Lite


Invisalign Moderate


Invisalign Full


Invisalign Teen


Lingual Lite / Sectional - 1 Arch


Lingual Lite / Sectional - 2 Arch


Lingual Full - 1 Arch


Lingual Full - 2 Arch


Upper Lingual / Lower Ceramic


Please note these fees are average costs and every treatment is tailored to the patient. Fees can vary according to complexity of case. Prices are correct at the time of writing.

Lucie (LM)

“Everyone was very kind and helpful. I love this practice and I would recommend it”


“Fantastic service, I would highly recommend this practice”


“Lovely staff, they are very welcoming” 


“I can’t fault the work of the team at Aligned. They are always happy to help and are very pleasant”



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